My sugar addiction


The problem:

So as you can see from the this delicouse picture of my very heavily chocolate covered waffle in my beloved Amsterdam I love me some sweet treats. In fact it was this addiction that inspired the name of my blog. When I was creating it I thought it was going to be only about how a chocoholic experimented with quitting sugar but my first post turned out to be a bit deeper than that hahah.

Any who, I have a sugar a addiction. I know this might get a chuckle out of some people but I am dead serious. I really believe it is the main cause for the bad relationship I have with food. Anyone who knows me knows I will pick chocolate over any salty thing that is put in front of me. Fries, chips, burgers, onion rings I don’t crave any of it. But sugar? I go crazy for it, some times I will leave the house with no other purpose but to buy it. My addiction is so great that I developped hypoglycemia, this means that I eat too much sugar and my body doesn’t know how to process it correctly so my blood glucose levels actually go down after meals and I get fainty, tired and hungry much faster. These symptoms make it even harder to control my cravings because acutally eating MORE sugar makes the symptoms better temporarily.

I noticed I really had a problem when I started replacing  meals  with sugary things such as cookies and chocolate. I didn’t want to gain weight by eating both so instead I opted to use my calories for what I truly wanted. This backfired because these foods were much more caloricaly dense so I could not eat large quantities,  they filled me up less, and as many of us know eating sugar makes you want MORE sugar. So there I was hungry and wanting more. This also contributed worsening my hypoglycemia because with this eating pattern I had to go long periods of time between meals because I didn’t have enough calories for snacks. It also made me binge more because I felt deprived.

Moving to Europe hasn’t exactly helped this issue. France has this annoying but wonderous thing where there is a bakery every two seconds. It seems to be illegal for any resident to be more then 10 meters away from a baguette or a chocolate éclaire. So needless to say I am starting to miss the healthy, vegan, fully raw, cruelty free, organic, smoothie loving culture back home in Vancouver that everyone makes fun of but that I love.

The awakening:

When you go to therapy for food therapists like to dig deep into your childhood to see the root cause, you were probably  abused, you probably have some emotional issues that havn’t been adressed and although this is the case for many people I dont think it’s the case for me. When I started researching sugar addiction I found out that this dependancy can give you severe mood swing and even cause depression! Everything started to make sense. All my little candy bar runs had meaning. Some days I was so frustrated that I would just say “screw it” and it all the chocolate I wanted, which was a lot. This has recently happened and I’ve been toying with the idea of experimenting with quitting sugar to see what happens….

The possible solution:

The more I think about quitting sugar the more daunting it seems. I’ve tried quitting cold turkey before and I feel great for a couple days or a week but I always relapse. I need to do it gradually if its going to stick. So I dug deep to find the real culprit and it’s chocolate. I usually never have a treat if it doesn’t have chocolate in it. So I have decided that for the next 40 days (which is the time that I have left in europe) I will quit chocolate and see how to progress from there. I will be posting weekly updates with hopefully more information about sugar addiction.

Wish me luck!



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