A little bit about me

Hey there, my name is Lina thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a 20 year old French and Political Science Major finishing up a year abroad in the the south of France.

Growing up as an overweight child was hard for me and when I turned 16 I said enough was enough and I worked very hard over the course 6 months to lose 30lbs. This made me feel amazing but I had no idea the bodily insecurities that would come from this weight loss. I’ve managed to keep the weight off but it hasnt come without its struggles. Over the course of my journey I developed some disordered eating and had to seek out help from professionals, my friends, family, and loving boyfriend to rebuild my relationship with my body. I want to make it clear that my disordered eating was caused by me not knowing how to handle my new body and that I lost the weight in a generaly healthy fashion.

I am still working hard towards my goal of body acceptance and this blog is for anyone who wants to come along on this healthy lifestyle journey with me. Support is hard to ask for, maybe we can do this together.

(P.S. Any spelling mistakes or lack of commas in my posts are actually on purpose, I prefer to live life recklessly . That and my computer is set to French auto correct for school šŸ˜‰ )